It was a sort of cold day in mid March of 2013 in Atasehir, Istanbul (Turkey). Ayse and I were sitting on her kitchen dining table, talking about her wedding and how her kitchen magnets were such a hit. Every mom or bride-to-be were asking her for her recommendations.

She asked me jokingly, ” Didn’t you use to do wedding, events, and banquets?”. Sure, I replied. It was a while back and then I even did my own Event Planning business until the Florida market collapsed in 2008. So that whole day, we talked about what we have done and what we want to do.

About a week or so later, during dinner at Polonez on the Bagdat Caddesi in CaddeBostan, we decided to start a wedding favor business together. We wanted to have functional, organic, handmade, and eco-friendly designs. So it all started there. This is our story at aybenfavors.com!



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