Italian Weddings in the Fall

It’s been only a month, yet, the stone streets of beautiful Italy is still on my mind. The large columns and doors stare at you from every angle. The brown and red colors of the modern architecture blended with the clouded white of the old buildings only bring out the bride that caresses the streets. 

There in both Florence and in Rome, plenty of brides were walking around. Beautiful dresses they had worn for their special day. Always a small fresh bouquet in their hands! These are some of the things I have learned chatting with them about their wedding culture, history, and likes.

All but one commented on the magnificent beauty of Renaissance Florence that provides the most unforgettable backdrop for the weddings. It is a great place for amazing shots of the city. Palazzo Corsini is a popular option for young couples. The weddings that are held here are mostly for exclusive usage. It caters up 1000 people.  It also overlooks the river, Arno. The shots that are taken from there are one in a million. On the outskirts of Florenece, there are Tuscany and Chianti, another 2 great places for weddings. The amazing castle called, Castello Vicchiomaggio, is from the 14th Century and is used for Catholic weddings. This castle is magnificent and is only 45 minutes drive from Florence.The brides complained the most about the stony streets as they are tough on their small feet. I am not sure what can be done about that but at least they all had great company with them, a group of family and friends. Best way to have a wedding an older and much wiser Italian lady told me!

Then in Rome, as I was amazed with its grace and beauty, I found plenty of pictures to take. The brides were very fashionable. Out came the fashionista brides. In Florence though the brides were all pretty, their dresses were very low key, boutique like. You gazed at the small details of the dress with a lot of lace and limited shiny stones. it seemed the dresses were well tailored just to fit the brides I have seen in various parts of the city under romantic settings. In Rome, this all changed. The wedding dresses all had statements and they were bold. The city with the beautiful fountains and piazzas that are legendary and incredibly romantic. My ultimate favorite, the Coliseum an amazing spot for a stroll around the sunset and much more. From luxurious Baroque palaces to nearby Renaissance castles, there are more options in Rome. I can even see theme wedding parties here, barlesque, and classic beach wedding of Florida coast. I was told that Rome is called the Eternal city since it was built on seven hills and it is famous for its breathtaking vistas. I am not sure if this is why Rome is called the Eternal city, but once you see it, you want to go back to it. Perhaps, one day you may go back to be the ultimate bride. (Eternal Bride in the Fall will be continued..)



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