Ceramic Magnets as Wedding Favors

As an engaged couple or bride-to-be, you’ve probably discovered what a variety of wedding  Lady Bug Kitchen Magnetsfavors there are to be used for your special day. It of course depends on your wedding theme, style, vision and budget; all things to take into consideration.

One wedding favor trend that is making a comeback are ceramic magnets. Everybody has a use for magnets on their fridge, locker, or even workplace, so this is a great wedding favor to have at each place setting for your wedding day.

The great thing about ceramic magnets as wedding favors is their versatility; shapes, photo magnets, quotes, or even DIY magnets right at the table.

Magnets themselves are usually quite affordable as well, so this a great wedding favor idea for the couple looking to save as much money as possible on their special day. Ceramic magnets can be, as mentioned previously worked with to compliment nearly any wedding theme or style. With so many DIY and handmade weddings, a fun “ project” set up at each table can be for guests to create their own magnets as wedding favors to put together, decorate and customize and then take home as their “favor”. It’ll be a fun craft for them to pass any free time where there isn’t a wedding activity or portion of the reception to watch, and they’ll be able to converse and enjoy the evening with guests will crafting.

Should you choose to not go the interactive DIY route, there are plenty of ceramic magnet styles and sizes to implement into your wedding day; heart shapes, ceramic magnets with a photo of you and your husband to be, or even your favorite quote or verse created into a ceramic magnet. Guests will enjoy having something to take home and actually use; as well as remembering your special day on their fridge, locker, or workspace!


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